Your W2P Team


Katrina Harrell, as the Chief Vision Officer and the heart behind Wholeness 2 Peace Care Services, brings a unique blend of compassionate counseling expertise and visionary leadership. Her journey in mental health care has been fueled by a passion for helping individuals navigate life’s challenges, from the overwhelming to the seemingly insurmountable. With a rich background in working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples, Katrina specializes in guiding clients towards emotional self-regulation, a crucial skill for those grappling with trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and the impacts of high-stress environments.

Under her stewardship, Wholeness 2 Peace Care Services adopts a holistic approach, focusing on building a purpose-filled life for clients. The range of services, including behavior modification, coping skills development, anger management, and self-esteem enhancement, reflects her comprehensive vision. The goal is clear: to empower clients and their families through a supportive and transformative journey, complemented by the expertise of dedicated Direct Support Staff.

Recognized for her ability to create a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental space, Katrina is not just a counselor but a partner in managing the ‘unmanageable.’ Her extensive experience and empathetic approach make her a beacon of hope for those seeking guidance. As the CVO, Katrina also brings a strategic mindset and a clear vision for the future. She excels in formalizing strategic planning processes, fostering synergies across the organization, and ensuring transparency and accountability in executing the company’s strategy. Her role is not just about leading the organization but about inspiring change and nurturing growth within the community it serves.

Your Therapist

James Edwards-MA,LAC


James Edwards, a seasoned Licensed Associate Counselor with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health, is a guiding force for individuals seeking to navigate life’s complexities. With 20 years of expertise in counseling, James has developed a deep understanding of the impact of family systems on personal development. Recognizing that our earliest environments shape our vocabulary, habits, and values, he specializes in addressing the challenges that arise from dysfunctional family dynamics.

James’s approach to therapy is centered around the belief that the mind is inherently beautiful and capable of profound change, especially when supported by a committed therapist. His method is collaborative and engaging, fostering an environment where clients are encouraged to reflect, consult, and experiment with life change strategies. This approach is particularly effective in alleviating unresolved trauma, enabling clients to embrace a more compassionate and solution-focused way of living.

Carla White-LMSW


Carla White, a Licensed Master Social Worker, is your dedicated partner in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her role, with a Master in Social Work from Southern Illinois University and a rich background in both academic and practical applications of social work. Carla’s Bachelor of Science in Social Work, also from Southern Illinois University, laid the foundation for her deep understanding of social dynamics and individual needs.

Carla’s extensive experience in various settings, including behavioral health services, school social work, and family reunification programs, has equipped her with a unique perspective on mental health and personal development.  Her approach to counseling is rooted in empathy and effectiveness, with a focus on nurturing positive change and empowering clients to overcome obstacles. Carla’s commitment to her clients shines through in her ability to create a supportive and transformative environment for healing and growth.

Irene Shamell​-MA


Irene Shamell, equipped with a Master’s in Psychology in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, is your compassionate ally on your journey to mental wellness. Her background, blending deep academic insights with real-world experience, prepares her to offer you understanding and guidance. Irene’s expertise, highlighted by certifications in Clinical Trauma, Nurturing Parenting, and Facilitating Attuned Interactions, empowers her to provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Irene has honed her skills in in-home family counseling, mental health program development, and managing family connection initiatives. Her approach is not just about addressing challenges, but also about nurturing growth, resilience, and well-being. Whether you’re navigating complex emotions or seeking strategies for personal development, Irene offers a safe, nurturing space for exploration and healing.

Tera Stevenson -MA


Tera Stevenson, with her rich background in guidance and counseling, is a committed advocate for those seeking positive change in their lives. Holding a Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling from Louisiana Technical College and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Psychology from Grambling State University, Tera brings a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of human behavior and mental health.

 As a Substance Abuse Clinician, Tera provides individual and group therapy, treatment planning, and aftercare services. Her experience as a Senior Program Manager and Kinship Manager highlights her expertise in program development, supervision, and case management, particularly in kinship care placements.

Tera’s approach is characterized by her ability to build productive relationships and achieve program goals, focusing on the safety, stability, and developmental needs of her clients. Whether it’s through her work with families in high-stress situations or her contribution to therapeutic programs, Tera’s commitment to fostering growth and resilience in individuals and families stands out. Her experience in child protective services adds another layer to her understanding of the challenges faced by children and families in distress.