Empowering Your Journey Towards A Purpose-Filled Life

A Wonderful Gift

Welcome to Wholeness 2 Peace Care Services. Here, we embrace a holistic approach to mental health, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. Our goal is to guide you towards a life filled with purpose and hope

Katrina Harrell -MS,LPC

Understanding Life's Challenges

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Navigating Life's Complexities Together

Life's journey often brings unexpected challenges. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or facing the aftermath of traumatic experiences, our compassionate approach is here to support you. We specialize in helping individuals, children, families, and couples find their footing in times of turmoil.

A Safe Haven for Healing and Growth

Seeking help can be daunting, but at Wholeness 2 Peace, you'll find a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental space. We are committed to walking alongside you, offering encouragement and hope as you learn to manage and overcome life's challenges.

Having Peace & Becoming Mindful